Read Wisconsin: A Resource for Literacy Leaders

Wisconsin’s portrait of a literate student highlights the literacy skills that are critical to achieving Wisconsin’s vision of every child graduating ready for college and career. There are multiple initiatives to support this vision that may seem separate but that actually work together to support student success. The vision of every child a graduate forms the foundation for building a supportive process for teaching and learning rigorous and relevant content based on academic standards. Wisconsin’s Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning reflect research-based attitudes and beliefs that inform instruction. At the center of these initiatives are the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (click here to order a printed copy), which reflect Wisconsin’s foundational beliefs about English Language Arts.

See the relationship between CCSS ELA and Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

2015-2016 Read to Lead Grant Information

Read to Lead is a comprehensive effort to make sure Wisconsin students have the most crucial skill they need to excel in life: the ability to read. Schools, school districts, and any persons working with an organization with the purpose of implementing literacy improvement programs or early childhood development programs are invited to apply for a Read to Lead grant in order to support literacy improvement and early childhood development programs. 2015-2016 Read to Lead grant applications are due by 5:00, CST, December 15, 2014. Find out more about Read to Lead at

  • Find the 2015-2016 Read to Lead grant scoring criteria here.
  • Find the 2015-2016 Read to Lead grant application here.

Literacy (un)Conference 2014:

Balanced Literacy Assessment in Early Grades now live at!

Find more details about the 2014 Literacy (un)Conference here.


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